The battle is not mine, it’s the people

Adding more drama to my life that is already filled with pain. Hear my Chicago Police Brutality story on CBS CHICAGO NEWS. My story aired last night at 10 pm. It is also featured online.

Have you noticed that all the major cases, mostly murders, involving blacks, happened around traffic and/or transportation. Well, that is exactly my case. Thank God it didn’t kill me.

Although I will be compensated for my pain and suffering, I am not happy. A price will never replace the damage that this has caused me. I am trying to push past this, but it is hard.

If these cops are never held responsible for their wrong doing, things will never change. I hope my case can make a difference. I want him fired! Please help me speak.




8 thoughts on “The battle is not mine, it’s the people

  1. It just goes to show that racism is still alive it’s like a nightmare and the police are still killing our black people and they go to court and get off free I don’t think it’s fair because if you kill a cop you get prison time or the death penalty .

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