Stop Daddy

She woke to scuffling sounds and muffled cries. When she walked out of her bedroom, she saw mommy being beaten by daddy. The young child didn’t know what to do. She sat there helplessly and cried. All she wanted was for daddy to stop. Stop daddy, stop daddy, she said to herself. Out of no where the little one had an idea. She ran to the phone and called her granny. She knew her granny’s number by heart. She had learned the number while attending Green Homes Daycare with Mrs. Moody, in Cabrini Green.

Mama, she cried. My daddy is beating my mommy, Come help her! Come help her! she screamed. Daddy beats mommy all the time. Make him stop she said. Stop daddy! Stop daddy! she shouted. Mama is coming mommy! Mama is coming to help you! Mama and Dad Dad, the little girls grandpa, came to save mommy. They brought the police to help. The police took daddy out of the home and the little girl hugged her mommy tight. She said to mommy, I don’t like daddy beating you. Mommy replied, I don’t like it either. If daddy hit mommy again, I want you to call the police and give them our address. They will come to help mommy. Okay said the little girl. I love you mommy. I love you too baby.

They left Cabrini Green when the little girl was 4 years old. They moved to a furnished hotel until mommy was financially able to moved to a 2 bedroom apartment. This was way better than the slippery, urine smelling hallways that Cabrini had to offer. Mommy thought moving away from Cabrini would give her children a better chance at life. Little did she know, that the damage was already done. Had she known about psychology and the effect that trauma had on children, she would have done things differently. Being uneducated was not the thing to be especially as a young mother. Nonetheless, she had learned quickly, but not until her second child was born.

Daddy had beat mommy again. This time mommy fought back. Mommy had grown tired to the bruises, black eyes and tearful children. Mommy couldn’t take the abuse from daddy any longer. Daddy backed mommy into the kitchen and as daddy punched and kicked at her, she grabbed hold to a vinegar bottle. Mommy swung repeatedly with closed eyes. She made contact. Unfortunately, she didn’t know where she had hit him. She knew it was in a serious place because daddy was bleeding profoundly. Daddy ran, dripping blood everywhere. Once he reached the bathroom, he gazed at himself in the mirror, only to see that his face had been split deeply. He screamed, Look what you did to my face. Mommy replied, I am tired of you beating me, I want a divorce. Mommy  then called 911 to get daddy some medical help. Daddy got 38 stitches and mommy got a divorce.

The little girl asked mommy why did daddy hit her all the time. Mommy said that daddy was sick. The little girl thought to herself about the night she had awaken to go to the toilet. When she pushed the door opened, she saw daddy sitting on the tub, resting his arm on the sink, with a really big rubber band tied on his arm. Daddy had a needle in his hand giving himself a shot. The little girl replied, Is that why I saw daddy in the bathroom giving himself his medicine. He didn’t have a bandage mommy because his blood was in the sink.

Mommy fell silent. All that she could do was look at her little girl with tears in her eyes. The poor little girl had witnessed much. Yet she was just 5 years old.



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