Peaceful Tasting

Masquerade, by George Benson, has been popping into my mind, out of no where, over the last few days. (So I pulled it up on Youtube). Maybe my mind is trying to find solace in this game we play? This mind of mine has been traveling down memory lane, recapturing my good and bad moments. While the sweet voice, beautiful lyrics and lovely tunes from the instruments played calms my soul, I can’t help but to wonder why we carry on this way.

I wonder what life phase this is that has my long term memories resurfacing? Maybe it’s time to deal with the things that has bothered me over the years. Maybe it’s time for closure. Maybe this is the stage before happiness. Yes, that’s it! I’m in ‘The Pursuit of Happiness”.  I want happiness so bad that I can taste it. Life does move in phases. When this thing called life is figured out, and our conscious mind is conscious, it makes it very hard to deal with the unconscious. They steal your your joy and instead of moving towards happiness, you drop in levels and you find yourself back in that unhappy space.

However, when the silence isn’t quiet, and it feels like it’s getting hard to breathe, and you feel like dying, RISE UP in spite of it all and be unafraid like Andra Day says. Keep searching because I will.


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